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  • Clear night skies
  • The solitude, the bird life and the beauty of the river
  • The perfect holiday
  • Great boat, great service, great way to relax
  • Closeness to nature
  • General ambience
  • A great part of the river
  • By far the best river boat holiday we have ever had!
  • Flora and Fauna
  • River energies and changing light
  • The magnificent serenity
  • Bringing families together
  • Very relaxing and beautiful scenery
  • Photographic Opportunities

Some comments from our houseboat crews

Fishing,scenery,spa,complimentary wine & honey a nice touch. thank you so much.
Prior crew (Desert Rose), Christchurch NZ


Loved the personal touch of paper deliveryand ice. Made the crowd very happy!
Holland family  (Diamond)

Fantastic boat with a great group of old friends. Perfect weather.
Turner Crew (Desert Rose)

Relaxation, lovely to enjoy a "relaxing and enjoyable houseboat"   River back to its amazing best''.
Koch family (Desert Rose)

Great weather, company & scenery. Great houseboat.well equipped kitchen.Thank you for the wine and fruit!
Best family (Anytime) 

Best holiday ever!!
Bucknell Crew (Diamond)

Fishing. Canoing. Isolation. Time spent with friends and family. Relaxing.
Schubert Crew (Mullaroo Sunset)


A relaxing holiday on a well laid out and well equipped vessel.
McKenzie Crew (Diamond)

The boat was terrific, motors quiet and economical, new interior lights great. Had a fantastic time as usual. The river is in magnificent condition. Caught 180 fish! We will be back.
Hollands Crew (Osprey)

Waking up to the sun on the Murray River.
Quinn Family (More R&R)

Enjoyed being on the Murray away from people and being together with family in luxury. 5 star!!
Madeley Crew (Mullaroo Sunset)

Apart from the great location, scenery and well prepared and equipped houseboat - we loved the value for money we got! This is a beautifully presented houseboat and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Thank you!
Gill Crew (Osprey

What we enjoyed most about our holiday was...... The fact we were so isolated from others but had every luxury at our disposal. The river was amazing and we would love to do it again!
Frances Crew (Mullaroo Sunset)

Great part of the river. Very quiet part of the river. Great area inside for us all to sit in comfort. Beds most comfortable.Bathrooms were magnificant and well set out and situated.
McDougall Crew (Anytime)

Things we most enjoyed about our holiday ......kayacking, excellent houseboat - luxurious - a real treat!....walks.....views. Fabulous holiday, many many thanks!
Symonds Crew (Anytime)

As usual a perfect holiday! See you in January 2012.
Dayman Crew (Osprey)

We loved it! Will definately being doing this again! Very impressed, absolutely everything was supplied.
Page Crew (Diamond)


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